Healthcare is constantly changing!

Why should customer service stay the same?


Healthcare is constantly changing!

Why should customer service stay the same?


What is HealthCARE Transformed?

The number one cause for poor patient retention is poor customer service.

HealthCARE Transformed is a complete customer service training program developed specifically for the healthcare field. The goal of the program is to transform customer service and to bolster the image of your business. It’s simple: when patients know that you care about them, they want to come back and they will tell others about you. Because patient retention is more affected by customer service than anything else, HealthCARE Transformed helps keep your business growing.

How does HealthCARE Transformed work?

Healthcare Transformed is an easy to use online training curriculum aimed at improving the customer service of your clinic.

Employees will be able to download handouts to fill out, take notes during the video courses and will complete tests at the end of each class. Administrators will be able to easily monitor progress and test scores for each of their employees. Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of each Healthcare Transformed course.

Why HealthCARE Transformed?

HealthCARE Transformed is an investment that will grow your business.

HealthCARE Transformed will teach your staff to increase Patient Satisfaction which will improve your  Patient Retention.

Your co-workers are your customers too. HealthCARE Transformed teaches your team to work together.

HealthCARE Transformed will teach your staff to improve communication which will increase productivity.

HealthCARE Transformed will help put tools in place to increase word of mouth advertising.

HealthCARE Transformed provides a customer service checklist for all new hires. It can become part of your new hire training.

Your employees are a reflection of your clinic. HealthCARE Transformed ensures that your clinic has a positive image that reflects your clinic's values.

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C.A.R.E. Curriculum

HealthCARE Transformed

Our foundation class teaches you what it really means to C.A.R.E.- the foundation of the entire course. These principles will help you transform your performance and your business into a premier customer service organization.

Building A Team

Customer service is a team effort. This course outlines your individual role in developing a dynamic team and challenges your team to work in harmony to provide the best customer service possible.

How May I Help You?

Master telephone communication to deliver unrivaled customer service over the phone using the principles of C.A.R.E.

Patient Satisfaction

Customer service is more than just meeting our patient’s health needs. Patient satisfaction is about making sure our patients leave feeling like we truly care about them.

First Impressions

Your staff is a reflection of your clinic. This course equips your staff with everything needed to create a powerful first impression and represent your clinic with knowledge and care.

Above and Beyond

Outstanding customer service doesn’t settle for what is expected. This course empowers your staff to recognize and act on opportunities to go above and beyond and provide unmatched customer service.

Who is HealthCARE Transformed?

My name is Christi Baker and for the past 20 years I have worked in the healthcare industry in Arkansas. I was a pharmaceutical rep, marketed for a private surgeon and worked as a physician liaison for a large hospital system before starting my own company. During that time, I have seen many changes in healthcare. I have sat in a lot of waiting rooms and stood in a lot of hallways in medical clinics in order to talk to a doctor. Unfortunately, the biggest change that I have seen is that customer service in the clinical setting is not the priority it once was.

Everyone is trying to do more with less, but over time the patient has become just another task in these clinics, instead of being viewed as the lifeblood they truly are. This shift in customer service has now led to many insurance companies reimbursing based on Patient Satisfaction and with more competition than ever, many doctors are looking at ways to increase Patient Retention, revenue and their clinic image.

I have worked with several clinics in Central Arkansas to develop a Customer Service training program… HealthCARE Transformed. This online training program is broken into six separate modules that take approximately 20 minutes to complete. The online portal is convenient and easy to use on a computer, tablet or cell phone and cost effective for clinics your size.

Our heart is to transform what customer service looks like in the healthcare industry. We have seen tremendous success in our clinics using HealthCARE transformed and we want to continue that success by having your clinic, department, hospital or organization be a part!

Client Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it. Watch how HealthCARE Transformed has improved customer service for these clients.

Colby Wilson, COO
Arkansas Urology
Dr. Heath Nay, CEO/Owner
Central Arkansas Urgent Care
Heather Nay, COO/Owner
Central Arkansas Urgent Care
Shelley Meyer, HR Manager
Arkansas Urology

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